Internet-A virtual world that people walk around with their avatars to explore.
Server-A Server is the town's within the internet, each one different and containing different websites and domain's. Some even have special effects!
Website-Buildings within servers, they come in all different designs, such as webpage design has now turned into 'building design's on how the building is. Usually if you are looking at a website about a fandom, let's say anime, you would find a large building most likely filled with anime-type decorations and full of anime fans, and many books within them holding the information.
Website Information-Website Information, such as the information the website is trying to tell you is in the form of a books in the building.
Games-Games on websites now are large box shapped buildings which are pretty much virtual reality games inside aswell.
Domains-Living buildings, such as usually apartment looking buildings. Different domains also could have different effects on the avatars appearance.
Rented Page-To go with the definition above. You pay monthly the domain webmaster and you get to have a room in the domain you reside in, and can design your domain apartment as much as you would like from the possibilities of the interenet. Depending on how expensive the domain you reside in is, the tougher the firewall against the virus's will be.
Chatrooms-Chat Rooms are now cafe's or large gathering places where people can eagerly talk to each other freely without having to worry about virus's. This is the second most safe place to be during virus attacks since most chatrooms have tough firewalls.
Virtual Visor's-Visor's all virtual user's wear inorder to connect to the internet. The visor's are able to connect to the brain waves to produce the illusion of smell, and taste. The visor can also see the virtual world of course, and a microphone to speak into and of course they can hear through the visor still too. They still use mouse's though to move around.
Virus's-In the Year 21XX virus's are much more advance then anyone could ever believe. They now have the ability to destroy whole servers and infect people's computers to beyond repair, as well as hack into the visor's and crash them aswell. All together it could cost millions to repair aswell. They devour all data possible, once devoured it cannot be recovered unless defeated before 'digested'.
Viral Protectors-Special user's hired by companies, user's that have exceptional skills being online. They are were bestowed upon with weapns of their choice to use within the world, each specially designed to fight against the virus's. These Viral Proctectors also get paid quite a bit of money for their jobs aswell, since they risk their computers and their equipment to protect the servers. Usually they can be found in teams.
Email-Emails are still, well emails. You just have to write on a paper in the game what you want to say to the person, write their username on the Email and then say the words "SEND EMAIL" and then the email will pixelate out of their hand. Then the email will pretty much appear in the sky above the user it was sent to and fly down to them with their Username on it. Only the person it was sent to can open the letter unless of course it is a hacker or virus.